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El Dorado Tile and Marble will get you the tile, supplies, materials, and products you need to complete your project. With 45 years of experience, Jerry prides himself most for his excellent customer service commitment. Wanting every patron to feel like a guest in his home and walking away inspired and smiling. Stop in soon to see Jerry, his knowledgeable and friendly staff and all that El Dorado Tile and Marble has to offer..

  1. Why choose the Tornado Dry Cut Diamond Drill Bit with Wax for drilling applications?

    • The Tornado Dry Cut Diamond Drill Bit in 5/16″ with Wax offers superior performance for drilling tasks. The inclusion of wax in the design enhances cooling and lubrication, reducing friction and heat during drilling. This, combined with the precision of the diamond tip, ensures clean and efficient drilling on various hard surfaces such as tiles, ceramics, and porcelain.
  2. How does the 5/16″ size of the Tornado Diamond Drill Bit cater to specific drilling needs?

    • The 5/16″ size of the Tornado Diamond Drill Bit is optimized for precision drilling, making it ideal for tasks that require a specific hole diameter. Whether you’re working on smaller DIY projects or intricate professional applications, this size offers the accuracy needed for precise hole creation. The diamond tip ensures durability, allowing the drill bit to maintain its cutting edge over repeated use.
  3. What benefits does the wax coating provide in the Tornado Dry Cut Diamond Drill Bit?

    • The wax coating on the Tornado Dry Cut Diamond Drill Bit serves multiple purposes. It acts as a cooling agent, reducing heat generated during drilling and extending the life of the drill bit. Additionally, the wax enhances lubrication, promoting smoother drilling and preventing premature wear. This innovative feature makes the Tornado Diamond Drill Bit a reliable choice for users seeking efficiency and longevity in their drilling applications.


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