EL Dorado Tile and Marble opened in 1993. located off Palm Avenue and Hwy 49 in the beautiful foothills of Auburn, Ca. for all their fellow neighbors and friends. With exponential showroom and ownership renovations to a previous business at this site, El Dorado Tile and Marble newest showroom with the largest selection of ceramic and porcelain tile, marble, granite and wood flooring and maintenance products in Placer County. From contractors to do-it-yourselfers or direct professional counseling for Jerry.
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El Dorado Tile and Marble will get you the tile, supplies, materials, and products you need to complete your project. With 45 years of experience, Jerry prides himself most for his excellent customer service commitment. Wanting every patron to feel like a guest in his home and walking away inspired and smiling. Stop in soon to see Jerry, his knowledgeable and friendly staff and all that El Dorado Tile and Marble has to offer..

  1. How does the Fine/Coarse Rasp enhance material shaping and smoothing tasks?

    • The Fine/Coarse Rasp is a versatile tool designed to excel in material shaping and smoothing tasks. The combination of fine and coarse grits allows users to efficiently remove material and achieve a smooth finish. Whether you’re working on wood, plastic, or other surfaces, this rasp provides precision and control for tasks such as shaping, contouring, and refining.
  2. Can the Fine/Coarse Rasp be used for both professional woodworking and DIY projects?

    • Absolutely! The Fine/Coarse Rasp is suitable for a wide range of users, from professional woodworkers to DIY enthusiasts. Its dual-sided design with fine and coarse surfaces makes it adaptable to various projects. Whether you’re crafting intricate details in professional woodworking or refining your DIY creations at home, this rasp offers the versatility needed for both precision and efficiency.
  3. How does the ergonomic design of the Fine/Coarse Rasp contribute to user comfort during extended use?

    • The Fine/Coarse Rasp is crafted with an ergonomic design to enhance user comfort during extended use. The comfortable grip and efficient handle allow for a secure hold and easy maneuverability, reducing fatigue during prolonged tasks. Whether you’re a professional craftsman or tackling a DIY project, the ergonomic design ensures that the rasp remains a reliable and comfortable tool for shaping and smoothing various material.


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