Marble Countertops ROSEVILE, CA

Marble Countertops ROSEVILE, CA


EL Dorado Tile and Marble opened in 1993. located off Palm Avenue and Hwy 49 in the beautiful foothills of Auburn, Ca. for all their fellow neighbors and friends. With exponential showroom and ownership renovations to a previous business at this site, El Dorado Tile and Marble newest showroom with the largest selection of ceramic and porcelain tile, marble, granite and wood flooring and maintenance products in Placer County. From contractors to do-it-yourselfers or direct professional counseling for Jerry.

El Dorado Tile and Marble will get you the tile, supplies, materials, and products you need to complete your project. With 45 years of experience, Jerry prides himself most for his excellent customer service commitment. Wanting every patron to feel like a guest in his home and walking away inspired and smiling. Stop in soon to see Jerry, his knowledgeable and friendly staff and all that El Dorado Tile and Marble has to offer..

Why are Marble Countertops Chosen in Roseville, CA?

Marble countertops are favored in Roseville for their timeless elegance and luxury. They add a sophisticated touch to both residential and commercial spaces, aligning with the city’s aesthetic preferences.

Integration with Roseville’s Architectural Styles

Roseville boasts a diverse architectural landscape, ranging from modern designs to traditional structures. Marble countertops complement this diversity, offering versatility that enhances various interior design schemes prevalent in the city.

Maintenance Considerations in Roseville’s Climate

Given Roseville’s Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters, proper maintenance of marble countertops is crucial. Regular sealing and care routines help preserve their beauty and longevity, ensuring they remain a functional and aesthetic choice for homeowners and businesses alike.

Hour of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm

Sat: 11:00am-3:00pm


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